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Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Many Faces of Saleen

I haven't had much time to blog lately...we haven't been home much, and when we have, I've been working in the garden! Well, I have some time tonight after spending the day shopping in Peoria, so thought I would stop in for a quick post.

Yesterday was our fur ball's 12th birthday! Yep, Saleen's birthday is May 1st, and although we don't think she realized it was her special day, we at least tried to give her some treats and a little extra love when we were home yesterday.

I didn't get any photos of her on her birthday, but I've taken a few in the's always hard to get it while she's smiling, but I've caught her being silly quite a few times.

I think these last few photos were taken around Trent's birthday last week...they may have even been on his actual birthday. Saleen was being pretty playful that night, and I thought it was funny that I ended up capturing at least three of her different expressions! First she was smiling...

Then she was serious...

And then she was really excited and smiling, and I ended up getting the funniest expression ever. I think I caught it at the exact moment when she blinked her eyes, but it came out really funny:

Trent and I had a good laugh. She looks like a Chinese doggie! Haha. With Saleen around, I don't think we're ever short of laughs...

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