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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Suit Shopping in Peoria

Hello again! Here today to share our third, and final experience looking for a suit! Saturday we made a little trip down to Peoria, Illinois to continue our search for a suit for Trent to wear in the wedding. We were determined to find "the one" this time. The search for the perfect suit has been a long one, since about February. This was our third time actively looking, and I'm happy to report that we finally found the one!

Back in February we started out at Men's Warehouse and thought we would rent a tux. That went out the window when Trent didn't really find any that he was smitten with, and started leaning toward a blue suit instead. In March, we went to a few department stores, and he liked a navy blue one, which I didn't really think was too bad. But it didn't have a matching vest with it, and Trent wanted a little lighter blue color than that.

So we decided to take a trip down to Peoria this past weekend, where there are several shopping centers and malls, and lots of places to choose from. And hopefully we'd find one. I'm so glad that we did after a few more hours of being unsuccessful and starting to lose hope!

Here's the one he chose:

It's a tad lighter blue than the one he tried on before, and there was a matching jacket, vest, and pants. Plus, it was on sale! We found it at Bergner's in The Shoppes at Grand Prairie. It's a nice outdoor mall with lots of newer stores, and we really found their suit department to be the best one all day. A lot of stores had different suits scattered around the store and not in one main department. This one had so many more to choose from all in one spot, which made it a lot easier to find the one you're looking for. The only drawback was that the guy working in this department was a little strange, but hey, at least we found the suit!

He'll have to get it tailored a little, since it's slightly long in the sleeves and pants, and the vest is a little big, too. He ended up getting the three pieces, and the white tie. We'll still need to get a white button-up shirt and pocket square. He wasn't completely sold on this shirt, since it had cuffs at the end, and we didn't really like the look of the cuff sleeve. This may be the way he'll be wearing it at the end of the night though...

Another thing we'll need to complete the look is some nice dress shoes. But, we're one step closer now, and next we'll just have to figure out what the Best man will be wearing! 

Afterward we found an Irish Pub called Donnelly's, and had some drinks and dinner on the patio to celebrate.

It was such a nice day, and the food there was delicious. So was the Founders Raspberry beer!

So happy we were finally able to find a suit. Even though I would've liked to shop a little more while we were in Peoria, Trent had to work a security shift Saturday night from 8:00 pm to 3:00 am, so we had to get back after we ate. We did stop at DSW in the mall though, and each got some new shoes for summer! Trent got some new Adidas sneakers, and these Sperry's. I got these Steve Madden sandals. So that was my one splurge of the day. Can't wait to wear them on our honeymoon. :)

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