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Monday, May 25, 2015

Spring Flower Inspiration

Happy Memorial Day! We have the day off work today, so I've had quite a nice day relaxing around the house. Since it's still spring, and I've been in quite the flowery mood lately, I'm sharing more flower pictures on the blog today. But I didn't take these, Trent did. He filled in at the Butterworth Center this past weekend, and sent me a picture of a pink flower. Then I told him to take more!

They have tons of gardens all around with hundreds of gorgeous flowers that bloom every year. It's a historic place in the Quad Cities, that unfortunately not enough people know about or take the time to explore. A couple of years ago, I shared another Flower Inspiration post, which included some summery flowers from the Butterworth Center and Deere-Wiman house. So this one includes a little spring garden inspiration, since it's not quite summer yet. Though, some of these flowers will stay blooming throughout the summer months.

I love this combination of colorful flowers and Dusty miller. I'm of course, a dusty miller fan, as evidenced here and here

I think I spot some peonies in the photo above. And those purple irises are so pretty. Definitely some pretty spring flowers.

This purple flower looks like some kind of Iris, but I'm not quite sure. I don't know if I've ever seen one like it!

Then there are these pretty daisies. Such a variety of flowers in these gardens. And check out these huge stone planters that are permanently positioned on the grounds:

It looks like lots of easy to grow petunias are planted in them. They should last all summer long.

I'm not sure what those tiny little white flowers are mixed in, but I like the mix of color and scale:

These look like some kind of peony:

I'm not positive, but isn't it gorgeous? It might be my favorite. I actually edited this photo and ended up using it as my new wallpaper for my laptop. :)

I think all of these gorgeous flowers are salvia. I have some of these on my front porch again this year. I had them last year and they did so well that I got more this year. They are great for pots.

And here was that first little flower picture that Trent sent me. I love this one, too. Plus, pink is my favorite color. It looks like an early blooming rose. So pretty!

Hope you're inspired to plant your spring or summer garden!

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