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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother's Day, Yard Sales and One Year

Sorry for my lack of posts this week...Let's do a little catching up, shall we? We've been busy working on the yard and getting ready for our yard sale, which was going to take place this coming weekend. Well, the forecast is saying rain all weekend! So, it looks like we may have to push it back a week now. All of our yard sale stuff has been occupying space in the corner of the living room since last Saturday, but what's another week I suppose!

Over the weekend was the "Thrifty on 150" yard sales here in the area, and we stopped by a few in the morning. I found a little milk glass vase for 20 cents, and a drying rack for $3. I've been wanting a drying rack for a while! The things you get excited about as an adult...

Saturday afternoon Trent worked, so I got stuff ready for the yard sale at home and marked everything. Sunday was Mother's Day, and we went out for lunch with my parents.

We also stopped by the riverfront in Muscatine. It was a little chilly, though..Not the nicest weather for Mother's Day, but we made the most of it.

This whole week has been kind of chilly and windy..can we just go back to the 80 degree weather we had a couple of weeks ago, please?

On the bright side, I got all of our invitations made out this week, and sent out the last of them this morning. We also got our first 2 RSVP cards back today! So crazy they're already coming in! And one year ago today exactly is when Trent proposed in Corpus Christi. Definitely a day I will never forget!

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