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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kayaking Adventure: Lake Storey

After picking up some brand new kayaks of our own on Trent's birthday a couple of weeks ago, we were able to take them out for a spin for the first time Sunday afternoon. We made a quick trip up to Galesburg after I finished planting the garden ('cause Trent just couldn't wait ANY longer!), and took them out on Lake Storey.

It was such a nice day and evening, nice and breezy. And I loved my new purple kayak! The foot rests are awesome to help keep your balance, and the seat is comfy enough to just sit back and enjoy. 

Trent didn't think he felt stable enough in his, like the slightest wrong move might make him tip over. Considering we haven't bought our life jackets yet, I don't think he felt super safe! He wants to get a stabilizer for fishing. I think any other time it would be just fine... it's when you move around that it might get a little shaky.

We paddled for a good hour or two though, just enjoying the lake and trying out the new kayaks.

It was really pretty around the lake with the sun going down. I like how when you're on a little boat like that, you're completely surrounded by nature. It's so peaceful, and all you hear are the birds and the sound of the water.

Trent's kayak was his birthday present, and he'd been wanting one for a LONG time. And of course I had to get one too, to go with him. So I'm sure we'll get plenty of use out of them!

This was only the second time that we've kayaked in separate boats. We did a two-person kayak at Lake MacBride, and rented separate ones at Lake George. And now we have our own!

Looking forward to many more kayaking adventures to come. Maybe I'll share photos from our Lake George trip last summer. :)

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