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Friday, May 22, 2015

I Heart Spring

Summer, I love ya, but I'm also really digging spring right now. The weather is pretty much perfect. When it doesn't rain, that is. Ha.

Things are growing outside like crazy right now, and there are some gorgeous flowers outside. Lilacs, Peonies, and Irises are everywhere around town. It's Memorial Day weekend, so I'm so excited that it's Friday night, and we have a three day weekend ahead!

I started my weekend by getting my hair cut (feels so much better!), and picked some peonies from the yard. I'm obsessed with them. Peonies have to be my all-time favorite flower.

We have white ones in the front yard, and they finally bloomed this week. They even have a little hint of pink, which is really pretty.

I had to pick a few for the kitchen table. They are soooo gorg. All Trent cared about was that they might bring ants into the house. I say, ants schmants.

He did admit that "they look nice," though, so it's all good. :)

I so wish that I could have peonies for my wedding. Dang August, why can't it be easy to get peonies that time of year?!

We've also been picking some of the Salvia out front. The purple salvia right in front of the house do so awesome every year. I think they look better and better each year.

When they first bloom they're so bright in color, too. The only thing about these is that slowly they die off mid-summer, and you have to cut off all the dead blooms. But they grow back right away after they're cut off, so other than that, they're really low maintenance.


Not only are the plants and flowers in bloom this time of year, the wildlife is quite alive as well. We never have a shortage of squirrels in town. They are pretty much everywhere! Trent took these pics of a squirrel hanging out on our roof the other night. 

Such funny little creatures. 

The weather can just stay like it was today all weekend, and I wouldn't complain. Sunny and seventies. Unfortunately I think they're talking rain. But they could always be wrong again...

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