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Friday, May 15, 2015

Flower Garden, Part 2 and Walkway Progress

Hello all, and happy Friday. Back with an update on our two current outdoor projects: my flower garden and the walkway. I'm proud to say the flower garden is now all planted and mulched! See Part 1 here. The next step is waiting and watching our wedding flowers grow. Oh, and the occasional weeding will probably be beneficial, too, and maybe a gate or some netting to keep the pests away. But hopefully the landscape fabric and mulch will cut back on the weeds a little bit.

Are we crazy for growing our own wedding flowers for our reception centerpieces and decor? Maybe, but I guess we'll find out! Ready to see my progress? Here's what the garden looked like after I got all of my seeds and bulbs planted:

It took 3 nights of work, and I was so glad when it was finished. I planted them all myself, too! For the next few days I had to wait to mulch it, since we've gotten quite a bit of rain since then.

Last week I put down around 8-10 bags of mulch, I can't remember exactly how many. That's the light colored mulch you see in the photo below. It faded in color a little from the rain. Wednesday night I put down the remaining bags - about 7 more I think.  So I'd say there's around 17 bags of mulch total on this garden!

There are a few flowers that are starting to sprout up, and a couple of my mini zinnia transplants are still growing. I've made a colored diagram below so you can see all of the holes that were dug and different flowers that were planted:

Here is the list of which flowers coordinate with which color in the diagram:

Pink: Dinnerplate Dahlias
Purple: Lavender Dahlias
Burgundy: Hollyhocks
Red: Ranunculus
White: Alyssum
Kelly Green: State Fair Giant Zinnias
Light Green: State Fair Giant Zinnias and Pink & Purple Zinnias
Blue: Green Envy Zinnias and Pink & Purple Zinnias
Peach: Mini Zinnia transplants and French Vanilla Marigolds
Turquoise: Marigolds and Ox Eye Sunflowers
Yellow: Poppies

Most of these are just annuals, except the Hollyhocks in the back which are perennials. So the hollyhocks will return each year, and the others will die out after the summer. I also have other perennials seed packets, that I'm planning on planting around the sides of the house. I just have to wait for another nice day to plant them! It's been so rainy lately, and I've been trying to get everything ready for the upcoming yard sale and get all of our wedding invitations out. Hoping to plant all the perennials soon, though. I have some Carnations, Baby's Breath, Dusty Miller, Sweet Williams, Achilleas, and Astilbe. Our neighbor also gave us some Cannas, that we're hoping to plant by the garage. So we should have lots of flowers growing around the yard in the near future!

And speaking of flowers around the yard, our Bleeding Hearts have bloomed and are super pretty looking! See for yourself:

The hostas and hydrangeas are all growing along that side of the house, too. And Trent's been out working on the walkway when it's not pouring rain. He's finishing up the steps right now - here's one of the steps complete:

Wednesday night he finished up the second step, so now it's pretty much a straight shot to the driveway. Ya know, just about 30 more feet to go.. Ha. Hopefully we'll get it done sooner rather than later. We picked up some more supplies a couple of nights ago, so we'll see how far that gets us!

I'm looking forward to summer weather, and maybe a little less rain, so we can get more outdoor projects done. We definitely have big plans for the yard!

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