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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Trip to the Habitat ReStore

As you may know, this past weekend, we did a little shopping. But it wasn't just at Target. We also made a little trip to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

We've been going here for the last few years. Not too often, just every once in a while when we want to check out the new stuff, or when we get a crazy project idea. We've picked up some bifold doors, and some flooring. Both of which we have yet to install! But they were really good deals, and we'll get to those projects eventually...

This weekend we were in search for a ceremony backdrop for the wedding. We were thinking about making an arch or an arbor, out of some rustic, solid wood doors. We want to DIY something that we can maybe use again in the backyard. Since the wedding is outside, we also thought it would be cool to have a doorway with a couple of matching doors on both sides, at the beginning of the aisle, not just at the end. Kind of like this. It's like bringing a piece of the inside, out. These doors would have worked well I think:

They were $60 each though, and before we purchased anything out of the blue, I wanted to be sure that we were for sure going to use them and that we had a clear idea for them. I wasn't sure about these. So we continued looking...

We found this archway which, if painted, would definitely be a statement piece at the end of the aisle. It might be too "grand" though, for what we're looking for.

A lot of doors I saw would work if there was a matching set. There were several single doors that I liked, hard to tell what we could do with them though...

This one was just $40. Not too bad, if we could think of a good use for it!

We thought we could also put together a ceremony backdrop with old windows. So we browsed the window section...but they were mostly newer windows. Nothing too old or vintage looking.

Then there was this. I loved this window. We could have made an awesome backdrop with it. But it was $210! Too bad. Probably because it would have been snatched up right away if it was under $100. The detail in the glass is pretty awesome.

After searching the ReStore, we still didn't end up finding anything for the backdrop. So the search continues. There were some pretty chandeliers, though. All priced around $200. Luckily we already picked up a couple at a flea market last year for a good price. These were very glamorous, though, and would all look amazing.

After our trip to the ReStore, it was clear we needed a drink. So we got these amazing and yummy margaritas at Texas Roadhouse. Oh yea, and we ate there too.

But the margaritas were definitely the highlight of the day. Even if they were bigger than my head.

In other news, I can't believe how many episodes of House Hunters have been taking place in the QC lately. Last month it was Bettendorf, and just the other day they came to Davenport! Quad Cities, represent! It doesn't happen every day, so when it does it's always quite exciting.

Props again to Haley for letting me know. I don't know how she always finds these things...

Happy April Fools Day by the way..did anyone get fooled yet today?!

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