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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Trent's Birthday and Something New....

Hello all! We've been pretty busy around here lately. Yesterday was Trent's 31st birthday! Last year was the big 3-0, so this one didn't matter as much.... Just kidding! We celebrated yesterday after work by going to town and getting a couple of these bad boys:

Yep, we got our very own brand new kayaks! Trent's been wanting one for a long time, so he finally got one this year for his birthday present from me. He was beyond excited! And of course, I also had to get one for myself...

And it's purple! Or "mauve" as the store employee called it. Dunham's had them on sale this week, and they were actually really reasonably priced. Mine was on sale for $199, and Trent's was $299. Then we also picked up some paddles for $40 each.

I can't wait to take these guys out on the water this summer! It will be a nice, relaxing break from wedding planning. :) As the store clerks were helping us carry them out to the truck, one of the guys asked Trent where we're kayaking at. Trent said, "Anywhere and everywhere!" Yep, that pretty much describes it. I'm ready to try out all the different lakes in the area.

So I think Trent's birthday was pretty exciting. On top of all that, he took the highway home after work (which he never usually does), and ended up finding a stainless steel grill along the side of the road. So naturally, it's ours now! Just what we needed, another grill..It's nice though, and he's planning on fixing it up and getting a new battery in it to get it working again. Yep, it's not lighting. It's propane and also needs a tank. So we'll see if we can get it to work!

We ate at Chipotle after picking up the kayaks. Love those veggie bowls! A nice end to a good night.

In other news, this week has been pretty chilly and windy, so we haven't gotten much work done outside. Hoping next week is better. C'mon spring, let's get back to the nice weather. Thought we had a deal? :)

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