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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Front Porch Pots

Yesterday we were able to get some more yard work done! It was a gorgeous day, and we went into town and got some more materials for the walkway. I also picked up a few new pots and some plants. Dusty Miller, to be exact. My new love. :)

I just bought some seeds online (which I haven't gotten yet), and I found these plants at Menards on Saturday, and decided to plant them in my pots. I got these adorable chalkboard pots, also from Menards. I love them!

I'm hoping to use some of the Dusty miller for our wedding in August. I just love this plant. It's a great accent with colorful flowers, but it has a certain simplicity by itself, too I think. I just love the unique texture and color. 

These pots were so cute, that I had to grab a couple. I honestly didn't even look at the price. It was that kind of love at first sight. They have chalkboards on the front and even come with a little piece of chalk, so you can write whatever you want on them. I think they would work well for herbs or veggies - you could write "Basil" and "Thyme", etc. 

I chose to plant my Dusty miller in them though, and since I'm putting them right by the front door, I wrote "Welcome" on one...

And just for fun, "Grow" is on the other. I just thought it was cute. And it's also putting that energy out there and saying, "grow, little guys!" Haha.

I still had a couple of little pots hanging around so I planted the rest of the Dusty Miller in those. For my bigger pots, I'm planning on getting some more Celosia, Salvia, and Coleus. Those three plants did really well in my big planters last year - They were the perfect pops of color, and were basically all growing out of the pots! The salvia were the red kind (kind of tropical looking), and might even be perennials, I'm not sure. We'll have to get those pots out again and see.

In the mean time, though, I love the new greenery the front porch is sporting. :) 

It's finally starting to look like spring around here. This weekend is definitely getting me in the mood to work on the yard, and we've already gotten a little more done on the walkway, which I'll post about soon.

My mini Zinnias are starting to sprout, too! Very exciting to watch them grow more each day. 

Some of them got knocked over on the really windy day that we had a week or so ago. Since then I've been keeping a close eye on them, though they've only needed watering a couple of times a week, and we've been keeping them on the front porch all the time because it's been so nice out. It's looking like there won't be much chance of frost any longer, so pretty soon it will be time to actually plant the garden.

Trent's already tilled the garden out back, and people around town are even planting already. I think we'll be planting some flowers pretty soon!

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