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Monday, April 6, 2015

Downtown Galesburg, Illinois

Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter weekend. We had a pretty busy (but good) one. Friday I had a nice, relaxing day off for Good Friday. Trent had to work, but after he got home, we went to Galesburg to run some errands and get groceries. We ended up eating downtown at a pizza place we'd never had before, called baked. It's on Seminary Street, and it was amazing! The pizza was probably the best pizza we've had in a long time. You can customize them however you want them. We got a 14 inch pizza with green olives, red peppers, mushrooms, and garlic oil. It's a really small place - just a few tables. And it got a little crowded as more people started ordering (It's also a takeout place), but the atmosphere is also pretty cool. All vintage looking inside, with mix and match tables. You can choose a record to play on the record drink from mason jars and the water comes in a wine bottle. I think we'll definitely be back again!

Seminary street is one of my favorites downtown. It's really quaint and historic, still brick, and the lights are pretty cool, too. This area is home to the best Antique Mall in town, and lots of little shops that I'd still like to explore. The Landmark Cafe is also on this street, which we've had once before - they have some yummy crepes. And there's another nice restaurant called Chez Willy's that we still have yet to try - next on our list, for sure.

Cherry Street also has some great little shops and restaurants, and Cherry Street Pub is one of our favorites. It was a really nice night on Friday, and when we were headed to the other side of town, we got stopped at the train tracks. There was this mural, which I had never paid much attention to before but thought it was pretty cool:

Carl Sandburg was a famous poet from Galesburg. I liked this quote - "Nothing happens unless first a dream.." I like how the mural incorporates a lot of Galesburg history. Blick Art Supplies was founded in Galesburg, and that's where their headquarters still is today. The train and the amtrak is also a big part of the history of this city.

I snapped these two shots while we were stopped at the train tracks, too. Galesburg has a "Railroad Days" festival every summer, which is like a carnival in the streets downtown. Kids can climb inside a train, and learn about the history of the train station and how it was so important in making the city what it is today. Trent and I have been one or two times, and we've ridden the Amtrak up to Chicago and back. 

Speaking of nice restaurants, another one right by the train station called The Packinghouse, used to be an old meat packing place. We've been a few times, though it's been a while. It's always really good, though, and it's probably about time we go back soon!

There's a lot of history in this city, and it's crazy how much you can get from just driving a few blocks downtown. Everytime we come I think we discover something new, even if it's not downtown - a few weeks ago we found a new Mexican place by the bowling alley that had $1.99 margarita Thursdays! I guess it was pretty lucky we just happened to be there on a Thursday...

Until next time! :)

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