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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Another Nice Spring Week

This past week has been absolute perfect spring weather! It's supposed to rain this afternoon and start getting chillier this week, but for the past several days, it's been nothing but clear skies, light breezes, and lots of greenery all around. 

I cleaned out my car, and we got the oil changed yesterday and ran a few errands in town. Trent's gotten a little further on the walkway, and is going out to work on it some more today. I had to stop him for a quick photo earlier this week. :)

I also snapped a few pics out the living room window, because the trees were blooming and it was starting to look a lot more colorful outside! You can see part of the walkway from here - the part where the steps are going to be. We're thinking about doing them a little simpler than concrete - maybe use some wood and stones. Trent put a few of the bricks we had on hand just to get an idea for now what it might be like. This is where the ground starts to go downhill, so we'll be kind of carving into that slope.

I can't wait to get most of the walkway done so I can put the new mulch down in our flowerbeds and get those cleaned up. We want to make sure it all looks nice for the yard sale in May.

Here's another view from the living room. Pretty blooming trees. :) And see our peonies coming back up in the yard? I love when those bloom..they're always super pretty. 

Well, here's hoping we get another dent in the walk path today. And let's hope the rain is few and far between!

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