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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Our Non-St. Patrick's Day

So sad. This year, Trent and I never got to officially celebrate St. Patrick's Day. This is maybe the first year that we didn't go out and celebrate. No green beer, no Bloody Mary's or Guinness, no corn beef and cabbage. And no parade. We usually celebrate the Saturday before, but this year I had a work conference, so we didn't do anything over the weekend. And we both had to work all day today. So this year, St. Patrick's Day doesn't feel quite the same!

Last year we went out to the local restaurant Me & Billy, and then had a drink or two at Brady Street Pub, which was our version of the Cheers bar (where everyone knows your name).

Sadly, Ryan, the owner, recently shut it down and is thinking about opening a different bar at a different location. So there will be no more BSP. Insert another sad face. Hopefully Ryan and his lovely wife June will find another awesome place to create a nice local hangout.

2013 was also a nice little celebration - we watched the St. Patrick's Day parade, then afterward, headed to...where else - Brady Street Pub.

Then there were years' past, when we never failed to take a photo together with our drinks in hand. It was a St. Patty's day tradition! See this post for more on that....

Looking back on all those years, it makes me sad we had to miss it this year. But, there's always next year. And I am wearing my green, can't forget about that. Have fun all you lucky Irish fools who get to celebrate this holiday!

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