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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Birthday Weekend: More Wedding Stuff, and Other Random Adventures

It's been a few days, I know. The last couple of nights our internet was acting up, and then there was the Bachelor finale on Monday that had me glued to the TV for 3 hours....Yay Whitney! Was rooting for her the whole time..wonder why ;) haha.

We had a pretty busy weekend. Of course, Friday was my 27th birthday. I worked all day, but that night we went out to eat with my parents at Thunder Bay Grille, a place I had never been before but have been wanting to try for a while. It's kind of a seafood/steakhouse restaurant. But they had a variety, and I even had a few pastas to choose from. I got the pesto pasta, and we each tried a dessert. Trent and I both got the tiramisu...which was amazing!

The night would not have been complete without some photos of us all to remember my birthday night! Not the most flattering lighting (for me anyway), but we got a couple of decent ones.

The next day Trent and I went shopping in the cities all day. We started the day out at the Antique Fair that was taking place at the Expo Center. I have been to one of these before, and everything was really nicely displayed in each individual booth, but they bring their best stuff to these shows! And you know what that means...lots and lots of variety, but everything is pretty pricey. It was no different at this one.

We saw several cake stands, but they were all more than I wanted to pay, and most were too small. These two were $68 and $58. A little more than I want to spend for a cupcake display at my wedding.

This booth got the award from me for the sparkliest...look at all that crystal! It was so shiny I didn't want to look away. So I took a picture so I wouldn't be the weird person staring at the shiny crystal all day. I can stare at it at home now. :)

This was one of the weirdest items I think I saw that day:

A cigar holder? Never heard of it. Then there was this really cool gold bull statue I told Trent he needed to have for his dresser. (He is a Taurus ya know). He disagreed, though.

One of the coolest things I saw was this blue glass poodle:

How in the heck do you make one of those?? That booth had colored glass everything.

The idea was that Trent was going to buy me something at the antique fair for my birthday, but even with all of the booths and thousands of items there, I didn't find anything I absolutely wanted or needed, so he just took me make-up shopping instead! We went to Beauty Brands, which I had never been to before, and I got some nail polish and an eye shadow palette. This one, to be exact:

It's the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette from Too Faced, and I'm loving it so far. Thanks, Trent! :) We also went shoe shopping at DSW, and I got a couple new pairs of dress shoes for work. I have another conference to go to on Saturday, and I've been wanting new dress shoes, since I hate wearing tall heels. The new shoes I got have smaller wedge heels, so they're more comfortable and most likely won't make my feet sore at the end of the night. (Gotta be all about comfort at work conferences, ladies, let me tell ya!)

We then went to the mall where we did a little more suit shopping for the wedding. I say "suit" now because Trent is fairly certain he wants to buy a suit instead of renting a tux. And...he wants a navy blue one. Which I was a little scared about at first, but seeing it on, it didn't really look that bad. Maybe with a different vest, but this one at JCPenney actually made me kind of open up to the blue suit idea....

We're still going to keep looking a little, but we tried some different tie and vest colors, etc, just to start getting some ideas. So we're starting to narrow it down some.

We ate at one of my favorite places afterward - Panera. Love it. Does anyone else pick out all the onions from their sandwiches, or am I the only weird one that does that? Just me? Ok.

Trent's been having stomach/side pains, and he thinks he has gallstones. We've done some research, and he's fairly certain. And it's not pretty. But, he refuses to go to the doctor, because he's stubborn like that. He's passing them though and has been feeling better the last couple of days. We're trying to eat healthy together before the wedding, so we're doing a detox and trying to introduce more fresh foods into our diets like fruits and veggies, and eating more organic. We got groceries Saturday night, and this was our haul:

Trent's been cooking a little with the organic apple cider vinegar, and even drinking a little mixed with apple juice and lemon juice. We've also been eating greens every night, like green beans, asparagus, and peas. We're taking multi-vitamins, Trent's trying a couple of supplements, and I've been getting more into green tea. There's some weird stuff in there, but Trent is much more adventurous food-wise than I am! Kefir and Kombucha? Don't think I'm ready to try those things yet...

In other news, I'm still selling my old clothes and stuff on eBay, and March has been pretty successful for me so far! I've sold a ton of things already, and I'm almost running out of packing and shipping material...

Oh, and I did end up finding a couple of new cake stands for the wedding at Marshall's for $12.99 each. Compared to those at the antique fair, this was a much more reasonable deal, and they have a vintage/antique look to them, too! I think the mismatched cake stands will look pretty cool with all of our cupcakes on top.

So that was my weekend-slash-week. This coming weekend is the St. Patrick's Day parade and festivities, but I will be at a another work conference in Bloomington, Illinois all day on Saturday, so this may be the first year in a while that we'll have to miss it! Trent is wanting to stay home and get some rest, too, since he hasn't been feeling the greatest lately. Another week, and more adventures! Always something new....on the bright side, it's been feeling like SPRING this week! Hallelujah, I thought it would never come.


  1. Happy birthday....looks like you had a great time! And on a side note, Beauty Brands home office is here in Kansas City. I used to work there as a Senior Accountant. :) (Love your new eye shadow pallet)

    1. Thank you! Too funny..ours just opened up here a year ago or so and just now getting around to going there. I liked it! Not sure if I can quit Sephora, though. ;)


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