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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lazy Sunday, and La Crosse

Happy first day of March! Today has been a lazy Sunday for us so far. No, we didn't go to the movies or watch the Chronicles of Narnia (you know you remember that SNL video), but I have been watching movies at home and doing a lot of absolutely nothing.

I'm kind of exhausted from the conference this weekend. I went to La Crosse, Wisconsin for work. We got back last night, and as much as I slept in, I still don't think I'm caught up yet. So I've just been relaxing on the couch and watching old movies on TV. And by old, I mean Beaches and The Newsies. Yup, pretty exciting.

My first time in La Crosse was pretty interesting. The conference went really well. It wasn't too long of a drive..about 4 hours there and 4 hours back, though I just rode with my fellow work colleagues. The drive was actually pretty scenic when we got into Wisconsin. Lots of giant hills covered in trees, and with no leaves on the trees, you could see quite a long way into the distance. Lots of snow covered hills everywhere. Driving by the Wisconsin river was pretty. And we got to go through Dubuque, and of course La Crosse - both river cities.

The drive up was nice and sunny and on the way up there we ate lunch at this pink diner called Katina's Kitchen. They serve breakfast all day long. I had a veggie and cheese omelet with toast and apple butter flavored spread. Really yummy. It was a nice little friendly cafe.

The town of La Crosse looked like it had lots of things to do at night, and if Trent and I were staying up there I'm sure we would explore quite a bit. But I spent most of the time between the hotel and the La Crosse Center where the conference was. I was nice though and picked up a 6 pack for Trent of Spotted Cow, a beer that you can only get in Wisconsin:

And we ate dinner at a couple of really nice restaurants in La Crosse. The first night we tried Edwardo's. (Edit: Edwardos is now closed, as of Dec. 2015. :( ) It's a Woodfire pizza grille, which has both Italian and American dishes. The cheese curds were supposed to be delicious, so we tried those for an appetizer, and they were really yummy. I split a veggie pizza that was also delicious. It was a nice atmosphere, really cozy, candles on the tables...and it looked like they had a nice craft beer selection, which I'm sure if Trent was there he would appreciate.

The second night we ate at The Freighthouse, which was a really nice steak house right on the river in La Crosse. There was a huge bar when you walk in, so it looked like a pretty cool place right away. The environment was again, cozy, but it was really busy, especially since it was a Friday night. They had a salad bar, but they're mostly known for their steaks. Being a vegetarian, I had the veggie plate with a caesar salad. The veggie plate was definitely full of veggies. A baked potato, rice, asparagus, carrots and cucumbers, and it was my first experience with an artichoke. Interesting, to say the least! It literally looked like this on the plate, but the leaves were very hard and not appetizing. I was shown how to eat it and get to the "good part" in the center, but there wasn't a lot of the good part there. So, needless to say, I was not a fan of the artichoke!

Overall La Crosse was a pretty cool place, and I would like to explore more up there someday and just go for leisure instead of work. We were lucky to have fairly good weather and no big snow storms. Of course it was winter and we had some negative temperatures, but we're pretty used to that by now! SO glad it's going to start warming up next weekend. My birthday's next Friday, and it's supposed to get up to 40 degrees. Haven't seen those temps in a while! Spring is looking closer...woo hoo!

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