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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Antiquing and New Wedding Finds

Another Sunday, another beautiful day for antiquing! Today we did some more antique shopping in Galesburg. We hit two new shops we'd never been to before. And we came out with a few goodies. (I did anyway!)

First we went to the Antique and Craft Depot in the Galesburg mall. You would never think the tiny mall there would have a cool store like this one. There was so much stuff! Especially the smaller, knick-knack type of stuff. I saw lots of bronze statues that I thought were pretty awesome (I have a thing for bronze and ceramic animals I guess). Like this Pegasus...$40 was a little much for me, though.

Then there were these. I really wanted these giraffes - and only $18..not too bad. But it was really tarnished - lots of green in all those cracks. I thought maybe I could clean it up, but I don't want to ruin it. So...I passed. But I still think these guys are pretty awesome.

What I did end up getting from this store was a cake stand to add to the wedding's pretty unique - square, and the glass is heavy! This guy was only $15. One of the cheapest antique stands I've seen lately. So I had to pick it up.

I also got this small plate, which was only $3. It can be used for the wedding to put a smaller bud vase on.

Then I got these earrings which I thought were pretty, and I like the style of...only 2 bucks! Can't go wrong. For the most part, that store was pretty cheap and had a really large variety of items. I think I'll be going back in the future!

The second store we checked out was called Second Time Around. We'd never been here either, but discovered it the other was closed then so we came back today during business hours. They have mostly used and antique furniture - a lot of really nice oak pieces. Most weren't really our style. But they had some smaller antiques too.

And I ended up finding the final cake stand to complete the collection! The second I saw it was $25, I was sold. We've seen so many antique cake stands but a lot of them were upwards of $50, which is more than I want to spend for using it really one time, on our wedding day.

We now have a total of 5 large cake stands, which I think should fit both our cake and all of our cupcakes. I really have no idea, but it seems like they all would, right? Maybe we'll get some cupcakes and test them out! :)

Along with the cake stands above, we also have this one below, which is hanging out in the kitchen at the moment....

I set most of them up on the bed upstairs just to see what they look like together, and it seems like we have a nice eclectic mix of both antique and modern looking stands...I'm really excited about how the dessert display will turn out!

So today was a good day to find the last of the cake stands we needed!

And I think we have plenty of milk glass vases and vintage decor for the reception...

My ever-growing collection of mismatched antique dessert plates will also help to create that vintage, eclectic look for our centerpieces.

I mean, my China hutch is pretty much overflowing these days due to my plate obsession...

But I think with all of our DIY flowers too, the reception is really going to have that feel of "Vintage garden elegance" that we're going for! It's definitely been fun to start to see everything coming together. And I have another wedding flower-related post for you tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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