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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015 Recap

Another Valentine's Day has come and gone! Valentine's Day has become one of my favorite holidays, because Trent always goes all out and makes me dinner at home. Every year it's something different, but we always have that tradition.

Last year, he made stuffed peppers and got me roses delivered to my work. We had dinner at home and then went to a Mallards hockey game. See our 2014 recap here. In 2013, he made veggie lasagna.

This year was a little different, because most years Valentine's Day is on a weekday and we both have to work all day and have to wait until I get home to have our dinner and celebrate. This year, it was on a Saturday, so we got to spend the whole day together. It was a perfect day! I woke up to this on the kitchen table:

I told him the only things I wanted for Valentine's Day were The Best of Me on DVD, and a cookie cake. If there are two things I love, it's cookie cakes and Nicholas Sparks movies.

We each had a card for each other. My present to him was his wedding band, and we already picked that out a couple of weeks ago. 

He got me flowers a little early...a few days ago he picked them up after work. Aren't they pretty?!

We did things a little bit different this year - since neither of us had to work, we had all day to stay home and get ready for our "dinner," so Trent cleaned the kitchen, and we both got ready and dressed up. It was like we had our own little fancy dinner date.

While I was in the living room waiting for Trent to get everything ready, Trent was cooking pasta and making everything look all pretty.

He had Frank Sinatra-like music playing and it was really cute and romantic. He does this every year but it always looks a little different.

This year our meal was cheese tortellini with butternut squash sauce. It was really yummy! And we had red wine to drink and cookie cake for dessert. :)

It was like we had our own private table in a fancy restaurant, without leaving the house.

Oh, and of course Saleen stood watch by the table, like always.

After dinner, we watched my new movie, The Best of Me. Our first time seeing it. Soooo good! But really sad, too! Overall, a great Valentine's Day! It would be nice if all Valentine's Days were on the weekend... a nice change. 

And a bonus, Trent cleaned the bathroom today. Our house is officially clean thanks to him. Woo hoo! Staying in again today. Friday night we went out to a trivia night thing with my parents, so it was nice to have the rest of the weekend to just relax at home. Back to the grind tomorrow!

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