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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tux Shopping

So yesterday we had our first tux appointment for the wedding. I say first, because it seems like it's going to take a few more until we figure out what we want! To say the least, it wasn't too succesful. We made a 2:00 appointment at Men's Warehouse, and we quickly realized that it didn't matter if you had an appointment or not. There were just two tux rental consultants, and they would help you when they were done helping everyone else. Losing our patience and a little frustrated (there were no chairs in the store so we had to stand the whole time), about 40 minutes after 2, it was finally our turn.

I could tell from the get go it was going to be a frustrating appointment. Trent and I already disagreed about what we wanted for tuxes. For the most part, we both want a charcoal gray color for the guys, but Trent is set on being different. There's one nice dark gray tux at Men's Warehouse that you can rent (The Vera Wang), which I think looks fine, but Trent doesn't want to look like every other guy - he wants a more "flashy" look. The girl who was helping us convinced us that a suit would probably be the way to go, since there weren't too many rental options for tuxes available in what we wanted. The bad part about Trent buying a suit, is that it is probably going to be more money, and the other guys would either have to buy the same one, or they would rent or buy a different style and wouldn't look the same.

To say we were a little overwhelmed and indecisive at this appointment would be an understatement! We decided to get Trent measured and try a gray suit on to see what it looked like. We thought trying some things on might help us decide what the best option would be. So he tried on a suit, but...there was no "wow" factor, and he wasn't impressed.

I didn't think it was bad, maybe with a lighter tie, but is a suit like this formal enough for the wedding? It looks like he's going to a business meeting or a funeral. It just didn't seem like we were getting anywhere, so the girl sent us over to the retail suit department to look at some more options.

This seemed even more overwhelming (so many options, do we even want to go this route? Wouldn't renting all the tuxes be a lot easier?) We talked to a guy there for about 5-10 minutes, and finally just decided we need to do some more looking, maybe look online, and at some other stores, before putting in stone what we want.

Who knew tux shopping was going to be so difficult? It seems like it's going to be similar to finding my wedding dress! This may take a couple of that's where we're at with tux shopping! Tux or suit? Who knows! And for Aaron's (the best man) outfit, I'd like a subtle pop of peach, maybe in the tie and the boutonniere. But to my disappointment, Men's Warehouse didn't have the David's Bridal color Bellini as an option in the guys' formalwear yet. Apparently it's a new color for 2015. So they don't even have a peach color. Looking at the swatches they have there, I thought that the Petal color would be close, but the girl said that it's actually a light pink. And unfortunately the coral color is too bright. 

Looks like we may have to look around and do some color matching ourselves for the tie! And we might try some other tux rental places, since this one only really had one good tux rental in the color we were looking for. I said the honeymoon has been the hardest thing about wedding planning so far...this may come close!

On the plus side, I picked up my veil yesterday. Another piece of the ensemble complete!

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