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Thursday, February 26, 2015

La Crosse for the Weekend

Starting today I'll be in La Crosse, Wisconsin at another conference for work. We're leaving this morning and will be up there four hours later. I should be a pro at this now, but for some reason right before I have conference to go to, I'm always running around like a chicken with his head cut off, making sure I have everything, getting all of my laundry done, and picking out everything I'm going to wear.

It can be kind of stressful and nerve-racking sometimes, but it's fun going new places and seeing new sights. La Crosse is a river town and looks kind of similar to right here in the QC in Illinois. I guess in the summer months it looks like this.....

But unfortunately it's February and we're supposed to get a bunch of snow soon. So it may not look quite as nice. I'm kind of tired of seeing snow by now. Hoping the weather cooperates while we're traveling and we are able to get everywhere we need to be with no issues. Crossing my fingers and hoping for a good conference! 

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