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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Quiz: What Kind of House Should You Live In?

The other day, Trent found this Playbuzz quiz via Facebook: "What kind of house should you live in?" I'm sure it is super technical and scientific. :)

But we both took it to see what our results would be.

Well, we each got different results, but they weren't really that surprising for either one of us. Quite accurate, actually! Trent's result was Beach House. That is completely accurate for him. He loves the beach and the ocean, and if he could live anywhere, it would probably be somewhere like The Outer Banks...some island where we are surrounded by the beach and the ocean, and the weather is beautiful almost all year round.

I guess I'm a little more traditional when it comes to the house that I've always dreamed of. Don't get me wrong, I love the beach and the ocean too, and it is the perfect vacation spot for me, but a Beach House to me would be more like a vacation home. So it's no surprise that my result was a House in the Suburbs.

What can I say, the American Dream sounds pretty nice to me. :) And I've always wanted a nice, new home. I guess I will settle right now for an old house that needs a lot of work, and a lot of love, in a small town. It's not the end of the world! Maybe one day we will live in a house in the suburbs and own a nice little vacation home by the beach. We're still young, and one can dream, right...

Here is that quiz if you would like to take it for yourself!

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