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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

More Cold Weather and a Fun Concert

Winter has really come in full force with the new year. December was cake - then January rolled around, and we've had several inches of snow and negative temperatures! Tomorrow's projected high temperature is -6 F! Not sure if I will be going to work...we'll see. Yesterday we started an hour late; today two hours late. Oh how I love winter in Illinois....

In other news, we saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert for the second time this past weekend. We saw them last December for the first time. This time was a little different - Instead of performing songs from The Lost Christmas Eve, their show this year was The Christmas Attic. And it was in January this year, so it was after Christmas! But we still had a good time.

It was really cool how they opened the show. This year they had a giant old trunk on stage, and the musicians were inside this huge trunk. They told the story about a little girl exploring an attic on Christmas Eve, and finding lots of old things in this trunk, like old toys and handwritten letters.

I thought some of the songs were a little slower this year, and I didn't know as many. Toward the end though, it started to pick up quite a bit, and the second half was much more lively with lots of fire and pyrotechnics.

My parents got us the tickets and we sat with them. They've seen them several times before. It was a good end to a very busy weekend! I just wish the weather had been a little better! It was windy and freezing - below zero temperatures.

Overall we had a good time! Even in the high-up seats, you still get a good view of the whole stage and all of the cool lights and fire and all that good stuff. And the musicians are amazing. Wish I could play an instrument even half as good as those people! Maybe in my later years in life I can pick something up. ;)

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