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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Getting Fit for the Wedding

I've shared a few tips in the past about how I try to eat healthy and stay fit - see here, here, and here. The truth is that I normally don't expend too much energy in keeping fit. I can't really explain it, but I think I just kind of do it intuitively. I don't own a scale. I'm kind of used to not pigging out on too much junk food, and I've consciously cut out a lot of things in my diet and don't really crave them anymore. I haven't eaten meat since I was a kid, I don't drink pop anymore...and I don't miss them. So it's kind of easy for me to eat fairly healthy.

With our wedding coming up in August though, I've began to make an effort this year to get in shape by having a nightly work out routine and sticking to it. One thing that is harder for me is to try to keep active and stay motivated to work out. Sitting at a desk in an office all day doesn't really help. I know a lot of people are like me in that respect.

I've found that in order to stay motivated to work out, it has to become a habit. Everyday, just working out a little bit - for 10 or 15 minutes, helps. Everyone can find that amount of time to work in a quick routine.

My nightly work out is really simple, and consists of: crunches, leg lifts, push-ups, lunges, squat thrusts, and light weights. I just do a little bit of each while watching TV, just enough to "feel the burn." Crunches have been a regular for me for a while so those have not been bad at all. I started the push-ups to get some definition in my upper body - gotta look good in my strapless dress for the wedding! I made it to 10 and am working my way up slowly from there. Lunges aren't too bad for me, but the squat thrusts made my leg muscles hurt for a couple of days at first! I just recently started working those in. I have just two little 5 lb weights that I'm using to keep my arms defined. So that's my simple wedding workout! Even though I'm already small, I'm hoping that by working out every night I'll gain a little more muscle tone and some strength that will at least make my body look toned for the wedding and honeymoon.

In terms of eating healthy, I still stick to my same diet. And I still track my food daily on This was my late lunch on Sunday:

I felt particularly healthy that day because I was able to stay home and get a lot of working out in, and I ate really healthy, too. I'm trying to get Trent to work out and eat healthier, but he's a hard egg to crack! Hoping he at least makes an effort for the wedding...we'll see. Lol.

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