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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Blog Highlights from the Past Year

Last January 26th was my first Blogiversary. I shared all of the highlights in the way of house projects, crafts, tutorials, etc. that I blogged about over my first full year of blogging. This year I am not going to wait until my second blogiversary to roundup my highlights from the past year. I thought I'd start the year off with a recap!

I didn't blog as much in 2014 - only 131 posts compared to the 226 posts in 2013. But although we didn't get as many house projects done this year, I got several little projects done - and I started wedding planning. Here's a list of some of my best life, house, project, decor, craft, and inspiration posts from 2014.
Just a little sampling of what I blogged about in the past year. Lots of fun little projects and wedding planning going on. It's been a crazy year - getting engaged, my sister getting married, traveling to Texas, California and Portland. Hope this year is just as great!

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