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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Obligatory Christmas Tree Post of the Week

Like the title? ;) It seems like every few days I've been posting new photos of our Christmas tree, but I can't get enough Christmas tree photos this time of year. So I'm gonna do it anyway. It's pretty much a requirement this month.

It's just so purdyy! All of the twinkly lights...and check out the bazillion gifts we have under there this year! Overflowing with presents.

I also wanted to share this adorable ornament that came in the mail this week...

Isn't it awesome? It's from our photographer, Sarah Sunstrom. Love her. She's given us the most amazing gifts! She is so thoughtful and creative. Can't wait for her to shoot our wedding next summer!

It seems like we've added so many new, cute and sentimental ornaments to our tree this year. Besides this one, there was my new owl ornament, our photo frame ornament, and my handmade rustic ornaments. By now our little tree is looking pretty full! But I love it.

Christmas will be here's a short work week for me next week, and then a longgg weekend! Looking forward to it!

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