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Monday, December 15, 2014

No-Sew Burlap Tie Garland

I am actually participating in the Dare to DIY Challenge again this week. I was absent last week - I made some rustic ornaments instead with things I already had on hand, since I wasn't able to go to the store and buy any supplies to make something really awesome.

This week I Dared to Deck my halls with a homemade no-sew burlap garland. I've been wanting to make a banner or garland to hang across my China hutch this Christmas, so I finally got out some supplies, and started to experiment until I had something I liked.

It was really simple to do, and best of all (for me anyway!) there was no sewing involved!

In fact, the only materials I used were: 

-Burlap fabric

That's it! I just cut strips of burlap and tied them in bundles around some twine. About 3 strips per bundle. I didn't do any measuring, since I didn't care if it was exact - I wanted it to look rustic and homemade. And the strips of burlap definitely look rustic!

Of course, if you don't sew, there is going to be a lot of fraying. The knots cut out some of it, but I just snipped away a lot of the frays as I went. This was my scrap pile:

But the more I went along, the more I really liked the look of it. Some of the edges were still hemmed on the end, so that helped a little. The more frayed though, the more rustic it's going to look! Even though it's a little messy as your making it, once it's hanging, there is no mess at all.

I just love it hanging on my hutch. It's perfect for both fall and winter.

And I think it kind of pulls everything together with the tree, the snowflake garland, and the stockings hanging up. So festive!

I also wrapped a lot of presents this weekend. A few more are on the way that we've ordered online, but it's looking pretty full under the tree already!

I've already started filling Trent's stocking, too. Mine has yet to be filled with anything. Empty for now. :( I'm sure there will be some goodies in there soon. But, I digress...

So since this is the final week of the Dare to DIY Challenge, I would like to thank all of the hosts - Shift Ctrl Art, Decor and the Dog, Maybe Matilda, and Newly Woodwards - for hosting, and for the inspiration to create some beautiful things this holiday season! Even though I couldn't participate last week, I still found a creative craft to make, and I've had tons of fun over these past few weeks crafting up holiday decorations.

So, in short, thanks guys, It's been fun.  I'm linking up over at Newly Woodwards today! Have a great week, everyone!

Update: Also Linked up to the Weekend Retreat Link Party at AKA Design + Life!


  1. So simple and so pretty--my favorite kind of project!

  2. I love anything with jute OR burlap, so this is a project right up my alley. It's simple, but very pretty.

  3. Cute idea! Perfectly rustic and I love it for all year!

    Thanks for linking up to Dare to DIY!

  4. oh how i love burlap! very cute :)

  5. I totally love this. What a great element of texture it creates on your cabinets. Looks really great :)


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