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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Movie Organization

It's Saturday. Let's talk movies. How do you organize your movies in your house? I'm talking DVDs, Blu-Rays, and maybe you still have some old VHS tapes? (we do). We've always kind of had the same system - we like to keep them hidden in the TV stand. Of course, over the four years that we've been here, our movie collection has grown a little, and I've recently changed our storage system a little bit.

I've expanded our storage to more than just the TV stand (and an overflowing basket), and I've been utilizing other pieces of furniture in the living room to stash movies. Like my China hutch.

Here's the current situation. These are our two drawers full of movies in the TV stand:

Trent has always kept most of his movies in the right drawer, and mine are in the left (I like my rom-coms.) We like this system, because they can be stashed away and you can't see them unless you open the drawers.

 Once you open the drawers, it's super easy to access and see all of the movie titles.

But, as you can see, these drawers are completely full. And there's not a whole lot of other space in this little TV stand of ours.

So, enter - the China hutch.

I've recently cleaned out half of the bottom space in the hutch to house extra movies that won't fit in the drawer. As you can see in the photo the back are my TV shows - Seasons of How I Met Your Mother (which is hidden) and The Office...and My Friends Box set is the red box on the left. And then there's a bunch of random movies, some that are pretty old, and some we may not watch as much. And there's room to spare, which is always nice.

The basket between the hutch and the TV stand just has older DVDs, and some old VHS tapes now. This was where all of the extra movies were before I moved them to the hutch. It was almost overflowing it was so full. And it wasn't really convenient to open this basket all the time when I wanted to watch my TV shows. Now there's extra room in here too, if we need even more storage.

So that's our current, newly expanded movie organization system. I like this system a lot better - it's easier to find the movies in the hutch, rather than opening that basket!

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