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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Living Room Photo Change-Up

Is it really Christmas Eve? So excited! Let's talk decor for now, though. If you are familiar at all with my photo frame arrangement in the living room, you know it changes all the time. With the seasons, with new art I decide to create, or just when I get something new and frame-worthy. In this case, it was the latter. I got several prints of our Engagement photos. And I thought they deserved to be hung up on our walls.

Of course I love the new arrangement. It's unique and completely us. 

I added some other pictures around the living room, too. I already had some extra frames laying around that I hadn't found a place for yet.

Oh, and I hung up an 8x10 of us. The first 8x10 we've ever had. I hung it above the couch where my medallion from Hobby Lobby was hanging before...


...It's a little high though. So, I need to find something else to hang right below it. I don't know if another one of our engagement photos will work, or a print of some sort. I figure next year after we get married, we can hang one of our wedding photos under it instead.

In addition to new frames, I've been thinking about getting a new couch a lot lately, since we really need one! The cushions keep falling out, and we need a larger one with more sitting area. We've looked a little, but we'll have to look more after Christmas.

Is everyone ready for Christmas tomorrow? I've been lighting candles and sipping hot cocoa this week (along with redecorating)...oh, and watching lots of movies. :)

Merry Christmas Eve!!

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