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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Weekend and a Few Highlights

Did everyone have a good Christmas? I have to say I had a pretty relaxing, uneventful long weekend. Five whole days off! And I'm a little sad it's almost over and it's back to the grind tomorrow. Trent and I really didn't go anywhere, except to our family's houses on Christmas Day. It was so nice to have a few extra days off, though! We stayed in and had a movie marathon. I watched several newer movies that I had never seen yet - Gone Girl, If I Stay, This is Where I Leave You, What If, and Moms' Night Out. They were all really good! I seriously recommend every single one of them.

We were somewhat productive though, too. We cleaned out the pantry/closet area and took the recycling out, and I did some laundry today and washed two loads of dishes. We also (I think) decided where we want to go on our honeymoon! It's taken us a long time (this might have been the hardest thing yet to plan for our wedding), but I think I have finally gotten Trent on board with one place - Jamaica. We are looking at one resort in particular and I'd like to book soon, so I'm hoping that Trent doesn't look at any other places in the mean time. ;) He is the worst at committing to one vacation spot! Crossing my fingers, and working at this one!

In other wedding news, I bought our tickets to a local Bridal expo at the end of January. I went to this same one last year with Haley, and this will be the second wedding expo I've attended since I've been engaged. This one is the biggest one of the year, so I'm hoping it is worth our time and we get something useful from it! We'll be looking for a dress for Haley afterward. First time looking for her bridesmaid dress! So all in all, things are continuing to come along in the wedding planning front.

Now, time for some highlights from Christmas. I didn't take many pictures at the relatives' houses, so these are of Trent and I opening our gifts Christmas morning!

Except the photo above - it's our piles of presents to each other by the tree. This was after we had opened our one gift each Christmas Eve. Trent had to work that night, so I set up our presents ahead of time to open the next morning. :)

This was one of my favorite gifts this year! A hanger for my wedding dress from Trent. Just like the one that I was wanting (I think it's from Etsy). It is absolutely perfect and will look amazing in pictures with my dress. Here it is up close:

Trent also got me a few smaller things, like this laptop cover for my Macbook Pro! Mint green just like I wanted!

I got Trent a new battery-powered razor, lots of new movies, some new gloves, a Chicago Bears hoodie, a Twin Forks cd..and the biggest present of all, a new laptop!

It's not a Mac or a Dell, or HP, it's a Chrome book by Toshiba. But it had good reviews on Amazon, and his old laptop wasn't even turning on anymore, so I figured he needed something that he could at least go online, and watch movies on. For the price I think it's a pretty good deal, and he had tears in his eyes when he opened it, he was so surprised!

We had a great Christmas together, and were completely worn out by the end of the day! After going to Trent's aunt and uncle's in the afternoon, and my grandma's at night, eating a ton of food and opening a ton of presents, we were officially exhausted and ready to rest the next few days.

Now it's Sunday night, and it's back to work for me tomorrow. Trent's lucky and doesn't have to go back until next year. (Well...January 2nd). I have three days, then I'm off New Year's day, and back to work again Friday! Not as nice as this week, but at least I have New Year's to look forward to!

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