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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Lights by the River

Saturday night we were up in the cities and drove by the river in Moline. The Christmas lights were all strung on the trees in the park, and it was really simple and pretty.

It's the Ben Butterworth Parkway, which is where we had our third (picnic) date. It's also right across from where Trent works. I kind of miss working right by the river. It's always kind of scenic up there.

Over the weekend we shopped all afternoon and met my parents to eat in Davenport, then had to stop back here to pick up Trent's vehicle. He had worked earlier that day, so I drove up there to meet him and we had two cars. Glad we got to drive by the river and take a little scenic detour.

Is there really almost a week until Christmas? This year has gone by so fast! Only 8 months now until the wedding! We've gotten a lot done, but there is still lots more to do...

It's been a nice little break this month though, not too much wedding planning going on in the last few weeks. Taking a little time out for the holidays, spending time with family, doing some Christmas decorating, shopping, and present-wrapping. It's been nice!

I'll leave you with this amazing house in Davenport that we stopped by Saturday night. The Kall's. They decorate like this for Christmas every year, and have an amazing light show set to music, every half-hour. They have a Facebook page too, so you can keep up with the latest on all of their light displays.

We stopped to watch one of the light shows before we met my parents for dinner. It was awesome.

They have over 69,000 lights! Quite impressive.

It's funny, because we had actually drove by this house back in December 2008, and I had taken some pictures of it back then. Here are those photos for ya:

I don't think they had the light show (coordinated with a radio station) back then, and they only had 55,428 lights, instead of the 69,104 lights they have now!

For the most part, it still looks really similar though don't you think?

Do you go all out with your Christmas lights? Is this too much or not? I think it's so awesome! Families drive by with their kids and they really enjoy all of the spectacular lights. It's great that there are some people out there who actually take all of the time to do this so that the community can enjoy it every Christmas season. I don't think I could ever do it!

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