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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wisconsin Adventure

We've been to Wisconsin before together. Last year, we took a small trip up to Lake Geneva for the Fourth of July weekend, and even went to a Dave Matthews concert at Alpine Valley while we were there. It's a great little road trip destination for us Illinoisans who need a little change of scenery. Truth be told, Wisconsin doesn't look a whole lot different from Illinois. But if you ask me, there's a little more wilderness, and a lot more dairy cows.

This past weekend was Halloween, and that night, instead of passing out candy for Trick-or treaters, we drove four hours northeast to Osage, Iowa for my boss's funeral. It was a long, sad day on Saturday, and I was tired and wanted to go home after it was over. But of course, Trent wanted to explore while we were up there.

I reluctantly went along with it, thinking maybe I'll just sleep in the car. We drove into Minnesota, just to say we went. First time we visited that state together! Lol. Then Trent was on a mission to visit the brewery in Potosi, Wisconsin. So that's where we were headed.

I'll admit I really wasn't in the mood to go on a road trip, but I'm thankful for Trent's adventurous spirit and his persistence in making me go along with his adventures. The day suddenly took a different turn. It kept my mind off of things, and it forced me to have some fun and move on with my life. Suddenly I didn't feel guilty for going on a road trip adventure that afternoon.

The scenery along the way was really beautiful. I took some photos of the river and the sky near the Prairie du Chien area. So much open wilderness, and the sky was absolutely amazing. Once I saw the awesome clouds and sun, I knew that it was ok. Jim would have wanted me to explore, have fun and move on.

The best part was when a small "hole" opened up within the clouds. You can see it on the left side in this photo:

It stayed like that for a while, and it was kind of difficult to capture on camera, but a little rainbow shined through the hole. Trent and I both thought it was like a hole in the floor of heaven. We thought of Jim and Trent's mom -- it was exactly six years to the day that she had passed away. It gave us some kind of comfort, that little hole in the clouds.

It wasn't long after that we had reached Trent's ultimate destination - the Potosi Brewery and National Brewing Museum in Potosi, Wisconsin. He was like a little kid in a candy store.

Potosi is a small, old-fashioned-looking town in the hills. If you go a little past, you'll end up on Dog Tail Road, which winds along the river. Just a little tidbit. :)

The Potosi Brewery has a gift shop, a restaurant / bar, and a National Brewing Museum, which you can take a self-guided tour through for about 5 bucks. You even get a free a beer at the end of it, which was pretty cool. We both thought the place was pretty awesome. And the museum had tons of beer memorabilia.

Neon signs, old beer bottles, vintage beer posters...even TVs along the way that played old beer commercials and jingles.

For any beer memorabilia collector, this place is probably like heaven to you. I joked with Trent saying that someday this is what our house is going to end up looking like, at the rate he's going with his beer glass collection.

There was even a moving brewery train. Each car represented a different brewery. Personally, I like the hot air balloon flying above it. Nice touch. :)

There were a ton of historic beer-related artifacts, like these crazy old bottles. 

We personally noticed all of the Quad Cities related memorabilia. Potosi is only about two hours away from us in the Quad City area, and there were so many artifacts that mentioned Davenport, and even mentioned some of our local breweries, which I thought was cool.

No idea where the Davenport Brewing Company was - I had never heard of this, nor knew it existed! Pretty crazy though.

When we finished our tour through the museum, we ate at the bar downstairs. It was pretty cool inside, although I was surprised at how small the dining room actually was. Potosi is a small town, but on a Saturday night, it seemed pretty busy in the restaurant.

I got the Mac and Cheese, minus the bacon of course. It was pretty good, although it had smoked gouda cheese in it, and I'm not a huge fan of that flavor. I didn't really mind though. I was so hungry by that point in the night!

We each sampled a Stingy Jack Pumpkin Ale, which is one of their fall beers. There's also a Stingier Jack, which is an 11% apv! We didn't try that one. I don't think we were feeling that adventurous. :)

All in all, it was a fun night and I'm glad that Trent made me go to Wisconsin with him. :)

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