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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Winter, and a Wedding Update

Oh, winter. One of my least favorite words. Luckily, I'm warm and cozy inside the house tonight sipping hot cocoa from my new Anthro mug.

Yesterday was a mini blizzard driving home and twenty mile per hour winds. Today, this is the wind chill temperature that was displayed on my phone before I went to work:

No. Just no. Can I move to Florida please? I say that every year, so I think it's time, right? How can you think about Thanksgiving and Christmas and joyfulness when it's this bitter cold in the middle of November? Anyway, rant over. I'm already hating this winter more than last year! Haha.

Moving on to the usual wedding update...this week it's Save the Date time! I got them in the mail this weekend, and they look pretty spiffy!

I'm stamping each envelope with a wax seal, which takes a little more time, but since we only have like 50 or so to send, I figure it's worth it for that handmade touch.

Have you ever used wax seals? This was my first time trying it, and I love the vintage look of it, but it definitely takes a lot of patience and a little getting used to. I think I've pretty much perfected the technique by now, though! Even with my makeshift handle! (the wooden one that came with my kit was too small, so I've been using a drywall grommet, which actually works perfectly. Thanks, Trent!)

If you're looking for a wax seal kit, I found mine at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago. I got extra wax, too, which I definitely ended up needing! You can find them at this link.

Can't believe my Save the Dates will be going off in the mail soon! It's getting real. :)

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