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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Fiery Archer: Sagittarius Inspired Decor

Time for another installment of Astrological Inspired Decor. This might be my favorite post of the month, just because I get to gather up a bunch of decor picks from all over the web...and they're themed. My design nerd idea of fun.

This month is Sagittarius - Nov. 22 through Dec. 21, which according to, is symbolized by the archer. The Sagittarius archer is also a centaur, or half man, half beast. Its element is Fire, and its ruling planet is Jupiter. Sagittarians are confident, social, and playful. They have an adventurous spirit and an eclectic sense of style.

According to Style at Home, they prefer decorating in colors like purple and royal blue. When I picture a Sagittarius home, I think rich, jewel tones and worldly, exotic elements. And for some reason, I had purple pillows and ottomans in my head when creating this post. But's what I gathered up for some Sagittarius Inspired Decor (sources at the bottom):


Sources (from top to bottom): 1) Painting from here 2) Chair from here 3) Picture frame - Target 4) Agate bookends - Z Gallerie 5) Globe - Z Gallerie 6) Pillow - Etsy 7) Ottoman from here 8) Chandelier - West Elm

This time I have two room inspirations. Yep, I went all out. Actually, I couldn't decide between these two equally jewel-tone filled, dramatic rooms:

Source: here and here

Can you say...purple pillows and tufted ottomans, three times fast? :)

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