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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pumpkin Carving 2014

While it wasn't a Halloween like years' past, we still managed to get some quick pumpkin carving in the night before Halloween. Our pumpkins were not the most elaborate or creative this year. For me, sometimes it's more about the time spent carving them together. And we had a nice little night, complete with Halloween candy and Hallowine.

Pumpkin carving and wine is always a good time. 

We followed a couple of templates in our carving kit. I carved a Happy bat, and Trent carved a creepy face. My bat isn't perfect, but hey, it's harder than it looks people!

They looked pretty spooky on our front porch, even though we didn't get to have many trick-or-treaters Friday night, since we were headed out to Osage, Iowa for my boss's funeral.

It was a good time carving them though, and it definitely took my mind off of things for a while! Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween weekend!

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