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Monday, November 10, 2014

Milk Glass and Wedding Decor Update

Wedding stuff. Kind of consuming my life lately. After this weekend's antique shopping, I've added even a few more milk glass vases to my ever-growing collection. I've been collecting them from yard sales and antique shops for my vintage inspired centerpieces since this summer.

I've also picked up (and made) a few other random decor items for the wedding already. Even though we still have nine months to go, the more I can get done early, the better.

So here's my wedding decor loot, which is currently taking over my living room:

I've gotten quite the assortment of milk glass, and one of my next steps is to plan out the arrangements of the centerpieces.

Each will be a little different of course, but what I do know is that we're planning on having 12 guest tables (the long, banquet style), so I will probably have about 2 or so arrangements on each table, I'm guessing. And the other night I counted 40 milk glass pieces for centerpieces...all sorts of sizes, of course. So, I may need a little more but it's definitely getting close to what I need.

This past weekend of course, I found my amazing milk glass cake stand, for the dessert table. I'll need probably 3 more for the cupcakes, but don't necessarily need them to be milk glass. A little variety is always good, right? As long as it fits in with the kind of vintage look we're going for.

I'm getting really excited seeing all of the decor coming together - it's definitely one of my favorite parts in the planning process. Finding all of this stuff in various shops and collecting it all is really fun, too. You never know what items you'll find, but you're always on the hunt!

After I took the above picture, I unwrapped my Mr. and Mrs. signs from their packaging. Completely forgot that I got them in the mail last week. I ordered them from Red Heart Creations on Etsy, and I am so in love with them! They'll be on our sweetheart table at the reception. Love the rustic, vintage look.

This week is our first meeting with the florist, so I'm kind of excited about that! On the to-do list is to think about what kinds of arrangements I'm wanting and measure the vases I have. That will probably help when we're thinking about what flowers and how many we'll need. Of course, I already have my ideas. :)

I'm also thinking about incorporating my collection of vintage plates into the centerpieces. I have a little over 30 that would work! So, the planning know what I'll be doing for the next nine months when I'm not working. :)

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