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Friday, November 21, 2014

Four Year Housiversary

FOUR YEARS. That's how long we've been living in this house together. It's a presidential term. It's a college freshman's years 'til freedom. Can you believe it? I barely can. You can see the progress we've made on the house from the beginning in my three-year post from last year.

So what renovations did we get done since that last 3-year post a year ago? Well, not too much! We did replace the old basement door with a new one, and Trent built a much-needed new custom shelving unit for the bedroom.

We've done some little projects here and there, but nothing too substantial in the realm of renovations. The big one was the foundation repair which took place almost exactly a year ago, and left the kitchen in pretty bad shape. Counters moved away from the walls, the door suddenly didn't open and shut, and the front porch now looks a tad crooked. You can see most of the aftermath here in a previous post. This summer we were going to fix all that....but life got in the way. Too busy with work and other priorities.

There's always this next year though, right? Maybe by five years of living here, we will have finished the hallway at least? One can only hope. Seriously - Longest. reno. project. ever.

There's one thing I can say though, and that is that we have already made so many good memories living here, and even though we may not feel like working on renovation projects all the time, or may not have the least we have plenty of memories and good times shared together in this little house of ours!

From Valentine's Day dinners, to carving pumpkins every Halloween, bonfires in the back yard, opening presents Christmas morning, to Saleen entertaining us with her antics...I kind of feel like a presidential candidate when I say this but, here's to four more years. :)

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