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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Living Room 2014

Yesterday we spent most of the day at home decorating for the holidays! Trent put up the lights outside, and I put up the tree and decorated inside.

I snapped some iPhone pics around the living room yesterday...some when it was still light out, and some when the sun was setting and the glow of the Christmas tree (and the tv) was the only light in the room.

There's nothing like that comfy, cozy feeling when you get the Christmas tree up and decorated. The house suddenly feels warmer and more inviting.

Our tree hasn't changed much since last year. We have been using the same tree since 2010 when I moved in. That was our first Christmas in this house together. Hard to believe this will be our fifth! 

Once again I hung our stockings up on the shelf. (I can't tell you what was on TV when these pictures were taken)

My DIY snowflake garland has made its appearance once again. It started out just as paper snowflakes that Trent and I decided to make just for fun one year, and we decorated the tree with them. The next year I took some white thread and made them into a garland.

I have yet to wrap presents this year. Still a work in progress!

My frame wall is the same...for now. I might change things up a bit pretty soon...

I also might change the pillows up a little. That bright, colorful pillow in the middle of the couch may very well be replaced with a more Christmas-y one. I foresee another trip to Target in the near future!

The sun started setting, and I got a few more tree pictures.

Here are a few more living room pics...

Can't believe this long weekend is almost over. It's been productive and a nice break, that's for sure!

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