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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Antiquing in Geneseo

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. My week has been much better than the last. More productive, spirits higher, getting lots of wedding plans figured out. All moving along nicely! Only nine more months to go!

Yesterday we did a little shopping for more wedding stuff. We had a couple of appointments in the cities, so we stopped back at Skeleton Key in Rock Island to see if they got any more milk glass vases in. They actually did get a few more in since last month, so I picked up about 5 or so more to add to the wedding collection.

On the way home, we took a little detour through Geneseo, Ill. to stop at an antique mall I've been wanting to go to for a while now - C&S Antique Mall. I was really impressed with this antique mall! They had some of the most unique items I've seen, and such a variety. Each space was full of the coolest items. Lots of unique stuff everywhere!

One of these unique items was this old spinning wheel - so cool. I don't know if I've ever seen such a nice spinning wheel up close. It reminded me of the story Rumpelstiltskin.

I really liked the purple candlesticks below. Both sets. They are super stylish and pretty darn awesome. Totally wish I had a place for them, like a mantle or a dining room table. 

I was also kind of smitten with these decorative birds....'cause, you know, I have a thing for quirky animal decor.

We had been looking for a sailboat to put on top of the shelving unit in the bedroom, and we ended up finding a cool one at Hobby Lobby earlier that day, on sale for $20. I told Trent, it's too bad, 'cause we could have had this baby for $15:

It was a fully working clock, and actually the second of its kind we saw in the store - the first one was $40, so this one was quite a deal. We thought it might be a little too tacky for our style, though.

Speaking of tacky....this candelabra was quite the statement piece -

Very ornate, but kind of cool if you had the right kind of style going in your home, and the perfect place for it of course. I could see it in a fancy old mansion like the kind in movies.

Along with all of these awesome items we spotted, I was of course on the look out for milk glass, like always! I did see a few vases here and there, but not the kind I needed. I'm collecting the simple vase-type, in hobnail and simple patterns, and the milk glass I found here were all a different style. Either odd-shaped ones, or the fruit motifs.

However - I did take one really awesome item home with me. A milk glass cake stand. I think angels sung when I saw this. It was like the answer to my prayers.

I had been looking online and in several stores for cake stands for the wedding. I have a pretty specific style that I'm going for, and we need probably 3 or 4 stands, for our cake and the cupcakes.

I had looked on Etsy and on Ebay, and there were milk glass stands going for about $60, all the way to over $100. I was waiting to find a good deal, and not have to pay shipping like I would online, and this one was $44! Score! I was so happy.

So this is one cake stand down, and about three more to go. I'm kind of trying to go for a variety, so if the others aren't milk glass, that's ok with me! They can be plastic for all I care, as long as they're simple and not crazy busy or covered in crystals or something. Not my style!

Anyway, I consider yesterday's antique hunt extremely successful, and I'm so glad I finally stopped at C&S to find my cake stand! It was fate, I tell you.


  1. ooohhh I love the milk glass cake stand.... nice find! I made one out of a pizza pan and candle stick:
    so if you end up making some to save money you might like to try it this way. I have never seen a milk glass one before...its very pretty and is going to look great at the wedding!

    1. Awesome, thanks for the tip! I have thought about making my own if I don't find the right kind I'm looking for, so that is definitely an option! The milk glass stand was like my dream cake stand, so I couldn't believe when I found one at a decent price! :)


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