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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ahoy, Matey! Our Nautical Additions to the Bedroom

So this post is two-fold, but it's all related. Remember the shelving unit that Trent made by hand for his side of the bedroom? (Click that link if you forgot) Well, it's been working decently but Trent still needs to work on organizing his clothes. :) Anyway, ever since we found a striped blue and white hamper for it (you can see it in this post), we were thinking "nautical." And have been on the lookout for a little decorative ship to put on top.

This past weekend, we found the perfect one!

That's right, it was at Hobby Lobby. And it was 50% off, so that made the price tag 20 bucks. Not too bad! Trent was happy to have finally found his ship. :)

That night when we got home, we excitedly gave our sailboat its new home on top of the shelving unit. Sorry these photos are so dark - it was at night, and the bedroom is always pretty dark with the thick curtains in there.

Next on the agenda is to paint that plastic cord cover we got a few years back to hide the cords for the TV. The ultimate goal was to redo the whole wall and actually install the cords in the wall. But, who knows when that will happen, so this was a temporary solution!

Maybe the next time you see this spot, that eyesore will be a little more camouflaged! Let's hope.

In the meantime, we think our new ship looks pretty spiffy on the shelf! We have kind of a vintage nautical vibe going on Trent's side of the room. The ship now matches the Dave Matthews poster that we hung between the windows.

It's from one of the many Dave concerts we've been to together over the past few years. At each of their shows, there is an illustrated, limited edition poster commemorating that concert, and Trent has gotten one from almost every show we've been at so far.

Needless to say, he definitely has the ship theme going on.

My side of the room is kind of a different story. I guess if I had any theme going on, it would be "Love." I affectionately call this wall the Love wall, and you can see why:

Somehow I've gathered way too many wall decor items with the word "love" in them. But what can you do! That mirror on the left is the new one we got from IKEA. And the blank space to the right of that is normally where the towel hamper is. But I was washing towels at the time this photo was being taken. :)

I haven't yet showed you my new ring holder. I talked about it a few weeks ago I think, but failed to get a picture of it. Isn't it cute? It's a giraffe lifting up its neck. It's from World Market. My engagement ring is so small it doesn't fit over the giraffe's ears. Ha. Oh well.

The bed hasn't changed much since we first made over the bedroom back in 2010-2011. Same pin-tuck duvet from West Elm, which we still really like.

Right now the same curtains and everything are still working for us. Maybe one day we'll remodel, but we still really like the warmth and coziness of this room.

I also still love my necklace holder and all of the new necklaces that it continues to collect. But I've mentioned that before. :)

Those pesky closet doors have been there against the wall for probably at least two years now. Really wish we would get on that closet renovation! They were a good deal (from the Restore), so I don't feel guilty about it. But dude, it's time to get on that.

Anyway, that's our new sailboat-related addition to the bedroom, which overall hasn't really changed much over the years. One thing will always stay the same, and that's that Trent's side is always going to be 10 times more messy than my side. Why do you think I never show the floor on his side?? At least mine is always clean. :)

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