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Monday, October 13, 2014

Most Recent Antique Store Finds

Hello lovelies. It's really starting to look and feel like fall out there. Still have mixed feelings. It gets dark at an ungodly hour these days, and today it rained nonstop all day and was a chilly 60 degrees most of the day. It shall be winter soon...Lord help us.

Anywho, wedding planning has been in full swing and is going smoothly, although nobody really likes to play the waiting game....but we all know how that goes. So I've mostly been on the hunt for milk glass vases, which we will be using for our centerpieces. Our wedding "theme" is "Vintage garden elegance," so I'm going to be collecting assorted vintage milk glass vases for the tables to hold tons of pretty flowers.

The Knox County / Spoon River Scenic Drive was last weekend (an awesome event with tons of flea markets and yard sales), and that was quite successful for finding milk glass, as well as some pretty cool vintage pieces for the wedding, including an old faded green, paint-chippy shutter which I thought would make some pretty cool decor and a way to display photos of us. And an old wooden box I think would be great for holding cards.

I also checked out a couple of antique stores this weekend we had never been to, including Skeleton Key Art & Antiques in Rock Island, and Living Vintage in Eldridge, Iowa. Both stores were really great, and I found a ton of milk glass at Skeleton Key. I only found one vase at Living Vintage, but they had some awesome restored vintage furniture there.

Here's my total loot from the Scenic Drive, and my recent Antique store trip:

You can see the card box and the shutter behind ALL of my new milk glass vases! All that stuff was well under $100 thanks to some awesome deals. The old shutter was $10, the wooden box was $12, and the vases were anywhere from .25 to $7 for a couple of the larger ones. Most were $1-$2. Not too shabby.

This next find isn't wedding related but at Skeleton Key, I saw this unique owl necklace and had to have it! It truly looks one of a kind, and may very well be. I love the gold/mint green combo, and this owl is so flippin adorable!

It was $16.99 but I decided to get it, because I would probably never see anything like it again, and I was already smitten with my new owl friend.

So those were my recent antique/flea market/sale finds. What have you found lately that's super unique?

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