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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's Fall!

So it's the first day of October (where does the time go?), and it's officially starting to look and feel like fall outside. I always have bittersweet feelings about this every year. Fall is nice and beautiful with all the colored leaves outside, but at the same time, I have visions of blizzards and -20 degree temperatures. And fall means that these are not far away. Boo.

But let's focus on the good things about fall. Colored leaves. Comfy sweaters. Pumpkin flavored everything. Oh, and fall decor.

We have a little bit of fall going on around the house now, since I put out my fall decorations this weekend. It was a little strange putting them out when it was still sunny and 80 degrees outside, but after this weekend it's felt much more fall-like around here.

Of course one of my favorite things about fall are the yummy fall scents in the form of scented candles. This year my fall candles hail from Target, and the smells are oh so wonderful.

My fall wreath is back, still holding up after maybe a couple of years I'd say? Can't remember how long I've had it for sure. Wish the door was prettier, but we've got a lot of projects we still need to tend to!

I got some brand new fall-esque dish towels, also from Target - and they were super cheap. Not the prettiest oven to hang them on either, but gotta work with what ya got.

My faux gords and mini pumpkins are scattered around the living room once again...and of course my owls look pretty fall-ish even though they're out year round!

The front porch is somewhat decorated, but all of my summer flowers are still in full bloom! They did amazingly well this year. I suppose due to the right amount of rainfall and a little bit cooler temps. I'm hoping to pick up some mums this weekend to replace them once they die out. So no pictures of the porch yet! Maybe this weekend I'll have some fall-y ones to share.

In the mean time, here is a round-up of all of my fall-related posts from last year to get you in the mood:

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