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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Home Decor Finds from the Chicago Burbs

Last weekend, Trent and I took a trip up to the Chicago suburbs to visit Haley and Dan. It was the first time seeing their apartment in Batavia, and we had a little time while we were up there to shop, and go to all the stores we only get to go to maybe once a year, like IKEA, World Market, Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, and HomeGoods.

I made out pretty well, I have to say. We had quite the trunk full. Today I'm sharing my loot with you all! (And the links to where you can find them online for yourself).

First up, I picked up this fun frame from IKEA (in Bolingbrook) - the KVILL frame. I am hoping to put this one somewhere in the living room, but I am not sure of the exact location yet, so it's still sitting its wrapping on the side table. I think I may print one of our engagement photos to put in here....

You can find it online here for $4.99. I love how super cheap IKEA frames are! I also picked up two gold frames (also from IKEA) to flank the TV, since my Robin's egg blue ones are more for spring/summer. These gold ones are super stylish and perfect for the fall and winter months. These are the VIRSERUM frame, also $4.99 - here's the link.

I'm starting to bring some gold into my living room color scheme. I've been loving the gold, antiquey look lately. In the photo below, you can see that I finally found something to hang on my YHL Bee hook! Some pretty brass keys from World Market.


Love them. Haley picked up the same ones to hang in her apartment. I knew I had a random hook on the wall for something. Here's the online link, although I think online it's selling all three finishes - I just got the gold keys and they were $7.99.

My third new gold living room decor item is also from World Market. I was super excited about this one, and I LOVE it:

It's a gold mirrored coffee table tray! It looks super expensive, but was only $29.99. That's like the cost of a Target pillow.

I've been looking for a tray for my coffee table for quite a while now. I'm probably going to rearrange some books and all that jazz, but for now, I plopped it on here, and I'm pretty happy with how it's looking for the time being.

What's funny is that at the store, there was a little sticker by it that said "One of the Top Pinned on Pinterest." Of course I was curious and had to look up this tray on Pinterest to see what I found...

It was quite a popular pin! This one is my favorite:

Haha. Love it. Here's the online link to buy it. I also picked up a little giraffe jewelry holder at World Market, which I forgot to take a picture of, but if you search it on Pinterest, there is a set of the giraffe and an elephant one, which are both super cute.

One of my favorite stores that we got to visit is Anthropologie. We went to the new one in downtown Naperville. I just love that store, even though a lot of things in there are so out of my budget. We don't have one around here, so every time I go there I feel like I should splurge on a few things. Their home decor items are just so unique!

I picked up a few kitchen decor items - first, a couple of monogram mugs, which I have seen before online, and love!

And perhaps my favorite item that I picked up from Anthropologie is this plate, which I've had on my wish list for a very long time!

I just love the design. It looks so vintage and hand painted, and I love the colors together in this one.

Another unique Anthro item is this "K," which is actually made from an old book. Each letter is handmade, and it is an actual Readers Digest book:

You can get them online here.

Finally, at IKEA we also got plenty of practical items, like always. Baking pans and cookie sheets...and a new full-length mirror for the bedroom!

Not sure if I have a picture of our old one, but it was smaller than this one and leaned against the wall. We had to bend down to actually see our heads in that one, and it was definitely time for a new mirror up in here! It's simple and clear, and I love it. Trent hung it up this week. Its IKEA name is STAVE, but we like to call him Steve. You can get Steve online here - it was $40 in the store.

So that's most of my home decor loot from last weekend! I left HomeGoods and Crate & Barrel empty handed. I think I did pretty good though, right?

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