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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Corpus Christi Shell Project

This summer we took an awesome little vacation to Texas, where we visited some pretty awesome cities, like Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. But perhaps the most memorable spot we visited was Corpus Christi. Why was this so memorable? Because it's where we got engaged. Besides photos to remember and preserve our time here, I also collected small shells from the beaches in the Corpus Christi/North Padre area. Up until now, they've been in a plastic ziploc baggy. Sad, I know. All summer I meant to wash them off and do something with them! But I finally got around to it.

I took one of the little $1 glass bottles I picked up from the Dollar Spot at Target (I had gotten two of them this past spring with the intent of putting shells or sand from our vacation inside)...and I put all of the little shells that could fit inside of it:

What I don't understand is why they would put a sticky label all the way around a glass jar that's meant for crafting??

I had to slowly pull away this label, which was kind of a pain. Like pulling a really huge sticker off of something when it's been stuck to it for a long time. And trying to pull it off perfectly. Of course there were parts of the label that were tough to get off. Luckily, it was a small bottle. And I guess that's what I get when I pay $1 for something...

Painstaking labor aside, I washed away any excess stickiness that was leftover on the bottle, and stuck my own little label on it - again with just a pen, I wrote our vacation spot and the year. Just like I did in the past with my Lake Geneva jar and my East Coast vacation jar. And voila, I had myself a nice little vacation memento!

I still have a few larger shells left over from this spot that can't fit into the jar (it's pretty tiny). So who knows what I'll do with these little guys:

I'm pretty happy with this easy little project. It fits into the living room pretty well, since all of my other vacation jars live in here, and of course our vacation albums and lots of photos are all in this room, too. It gives it even more of a personal touch when you have all these mementos surrounding you in the room that you hang out in 90% of the time!

So that's my little crafty project of the month. Ha! I haven't been too crafty lately! Wedding planning has been taking more of my time I guess these days.. :)

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