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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Grill Makeover

It's finally time to post our Grill makeover! Another one of Trent's DIY projects. It's been a month or so since Trent sprayed on the first coat of high heat black paint on the old charcoal grill that Trent's friend Sean gave us. All that was left was another coat, some poly on the wooden pieces, and a few finishing touches. Now, it's finally complete, and here's the Before and After:

When Sean gave the grill to us, here's what it looked like:

Not terrible, still usable. But it needed a little sprucing up. A few coats of paint later:

And some Poly on the wooden side tray and handle:

Plus spraying the metal accessory tray out front a metallic color, and reattaching the he is after his little makeover:

He looks all shiny and new now! (update - Trent thinks the grill should be referred to as a 'she', so my bad...SHE looks all shiny and new now. Geesh!)

Here are a couple of detail shots for ya....

I love revamping things with a little paint and making them look brand new again.

It's nice to have little side projects to work on throughout the summer to take our minds away from larger issues like the basement/ basement door and the foundation! I think we have enough large house projects to last twenty years....

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