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Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Firepit Gets New Life

Is everyone excited it's almost the 4th? Happy Fourth of July a little early! Woo-hoo for a 3-day weekend! Last year around this time, we were headed to Lake Geneva, WI for the weekend. This year it looks like we'll be hanging around here, and hopefully enjoying a Fireworks show or two!

I just wanted to post a quick update today, that is actually home improvement related! I know, it's been a while! It's a small update, but sometimes even the littlest improvements can seem like milestones when it's been SO long since a project has actually been completed! 

Today Trent gave our two-year-old outdoor firepit a little love. Here he is in action.

It was looking a little worn and rusty. Wish I had a decent before picture to show you... but it definitely needed a fresh coat of paint. We used Rustoleum's High Heat Ultra spray paint:

Here's what the sides of the firepit looked like before, to give you a bit of an idea how much this guy needed an update:

Trent actually laid out all of the pieces on a large, old board, then did a few touch-ups later:

Now it's as good as new and shiny as ever! All thanks to a little paint. It was also fast-drying, so it took close to no time at all.

We're ready to enjoy some more fires on the patio now!

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