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Friday, July 11, 2014

Planter Box Update

So it has definitely been too long since I've shared an update, but the weather lately has been fantastic! This is why I love summer! We've been outside working on lots of little projects lately, and have even been busy getting materials and starting on the basement...the next step in getting the living room and kitchen level.

Our 4th of July was pretty laid back this year - we just stayed around here, no Lake Geneva trip this year! We did see fireworks last Friday night and had a pretty fun weekend all-around.

I thought I'd share today a quick little makeover I did on my planter boxes. You may remember my Produce planter boxes I got from Joss and Main last summer:

Well...this year, they weren't looking so hot....(neither were my flowers at this point, by the way)

I only put two out this year, but they were noticeably faded, and looking very rustic! Not intentionally, though. And it wasn't really the look I was going for. Granted though, if I turned them around, they weren't as bad:

But still, I would much rather have a bright pop of color instead of the distressed look. Our porch floor already has that look going for it, unfortunately.

Enter a small paint pot I got free with a coupon at Lowe's:

You've seen them there, right? Maybe you've even picked one up yourself? I think they're like $2 or $3 normally, but there are coupons from time to time in various Home and garden magazines. They're handy for little projects like this one. This color was called Indigo Cloth, by Valspar.

I started by cleaning the outsides of my planter boxes with a wet rag, and rubbing off the rest of the label that was still there. It seemed to just be a sticker/paper-like label and came off pretty easily.

Once all surfaces were clean, I painted on the blue.

I only really gave them one good coat. Then just touched up some of the thinner areas.

And I had me some bright blue planters!

I ended up also getting a few new flowers to replace the dead ones in there:

I went with a patriotic, red white and blue theme. :)

I got some more petunias, which I like because they're pretty easy to keep alive, and some red Celosia. I have really grown to like those things! My hot pink ones have done really well this year, and these red ones are pretty cool looking - kind of like fire.

I can't wait to redo that front porch floor, but for now my planter boxes look a lot better now!

My flowers that are in the larger round planters have been doing really well this year. As you can see, I kind of have a red theme going on!

These red flowers have been doing the best out of all of them:

They're apparently called Salvia. I'll have to remember that for next year, because these babies are nearly out growing the pot at this point.

So that's it for now...Maybe I will be back tomorrow with a Shelf Update for you! ;)

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