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Friday, July 25, 2014

Newest Antique Finds...and a Chandelier Story

It's been a few weeks since I got them, but I'm finally sharing my newest antique finds on the ol' blog. I picked up 3 pretty plates and a milk glass bud vase at the Antique mall in Galesburg:

Whether I can use them in my wedding or not, I'm still going to collect my pretty plates. I have a feeling I am going to find a way to incorporate them no matter what. I would love to have them for dessert plates to serve cupcakes on. We shall see...

And another recent find I am particularly excited about - this was a team effort - we snagged these two matching vintage chandeliers at the antique flea market in Alpha a week or two ago: 

Awesome right?? They're porcelain and made in Italy! There was originally only one laying there - I spotted it, and thought - 'that would be perfect for the wedding!' I told Trent. He agreed, it would be amazing. I thought, hang it from a tree, rewire would look perfect with lights strung everywhere. But it was $40. I only had about $35 in cash (Trent had some too), but we asked the lady - would you take $35 for that? She then said, "Oh, did you want the other one, too?" (Umm...there's a SECOND one? Yes please!) And her husband went to the back and pulled out a matching chandy. She was actually really hesitant about letting them go at first, but we assured her they would be put to good use. And we ended up getting both for $65. A good deal, considering one was marked $40. I can't wait to hang them at our outdoor wedding!! My first major wedding decor purchase! Score! :)

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