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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hostas Part 2: Transplanting

Back with more hosta news - remember those new ones we picked up and planted? Well I got one more at the flea market a couple weeks ago (a pretty flowering one). And we've switched around a couple of them to group the "like" ones together.

Trent was actually the one who wanted to switch a couple around. I didn't really care about it at first, but I let him do it anyway. And I have to admit, it does look pretty good now!

You can tell which ones are still the young plants and which have been there a while, but I feel like it looks more finished and more uniform now that the similar hostas are right next to each other, all in a row. The flowering ones are mostly over on the other side of the basement, so I think once they get bigger, it will look pretty cool out here.

And my flowers on the porch are still doing pretty awesome. Even better as the summer goes on!

I even picked up a new wooden crate at the Galesburg Antique mall this past weekend. Yep, for 15 bucks, I got a second one to put on the other side of the door. I've been looking for another one to use as a "table" next to the bench. Our porch isn't the prettiest these still needs a good paint job and needs cleaned up a bit, but I tend to think it's still decorated pretty nicely.

Still need to post about the new bedroom shelving unit that Trent built! I'm so proud of him. It looks great. Maybe next time!

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