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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dirty Dog (and the side yard)

What do you get when you mix a few rainy days, some dirt, and a side yard that needs lots of love? Apparently you get a pretty dirty dog.

The east side of the yard (where our foundation wall was rebuilt) still had lots of leftover pieces of brick and backfill from the foundation work. So on a nice day, we finally got to work cleaning it up. Trent even gave Saleen a bath earlier that day. Unfortunately, that didn't last, as Saleen enjoyed rubbing her face in the dirt there very much.

Nonetheless, after we picked up a lot of the bigger leftover pieces of brick, concrete, etc. from before the winter, Trent ran over the whole side yard with the tiller and leveled it out a little more.

The foundation crew had removed some of our landscaping bricks from the garden bed, so those were also put back into place.

A few of the larger brick pieces from the old foundation even had to be dug out of the ground, as they had gotten buried in the backfill.

After it was all tilled and more leveled out, we had quite the dirt-filled side yard.

The plan now is to lay down rock along the side of the house (like we did on the other side, but not with all of the additional landscaping), and plant grass seed back where it was before. Eventually all of the siding will have to be ripped off and redone here, since the foundation wall was not done correctly and there is a huge gap between the foundation wall and the siding. See that wood peaking out from under the siding? That's not supposed to be showing at all. Those are the THREE sill plates that they put on to fill in the gap, because the foundation wall was built too low, and we needed this side of the house raised. So this is what we have to work with! We have a long road ahead of us with this project, that's for sure!

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