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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bedroom Shelves...Still a Work in Progress

As you might know, a few months ago, Trent started a small building project - a shelving unit for the bedroom. You can see more about when he first started this project here (Back in April!), a little about why we need more bedroom storage here, and the last Shelf update here

He has been trying to work on this every week or so, but several factors have affected the progress of building it - like tons of rain, working all the time, and the fact that it is quite heavy and takes both of us to carry it outside just to work on it. 

He has made progress though, slowly but surely...all of the trim pieces have been added to the front, and as you can see, he tested some stain in one of the sections. It will be a darker stain color, to match the rest of the bedroom wood. You can also see all of the wood putty to cover up the imperfections, like the seams and where the trim was attached.

He's been sanding this wood putty (which is stainable), to get it smooth and blend in with the rest of the wood. All that is left now is a little more sanding, then stain!

Here he is with the electric sander in action:

I'm hoping this project will get done sooner than later, as we definitely need more bedroom storage! It will be much nicer when all of Trent's clothes are organized! ;)

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