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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer Weekends

Now that I've been back into the swing of things and posting regularly again, it's time to share a few fun things that we've been up to this summer. This year it's been hard to balance things like we used to since Trent's been working more. We haven't been able to work on the house much like I was hoping, or even go to the store to get materials. 

It seems like summer is already going by's almost July already! (What!??) We've both been working like crazy so of course we're exhausted most nights, but during the weekends (when Trent's not working), we do have some time to do fun things like go out, and visit new places and old favorites.

When we have gone out, it's usually because we need to go to town to go shopping, but we've eaten out at a few cool places so far this summer. Like Bier Stube in Le Claire, IA. There is also a Moline location, but we really like the one on the Iowa side, because it's right by the river. It was really buggy the night we went, so instead of eating out in the patio like we did the first time we came here, we sat inside this time.

The food here was really good, and they have a huge beer selection, which you can probably tell by the name! I got a Summer Shandy and had a salad and some broccoli cheese soup!

We've also tried a new place downtown Moline, called Barley & Rye Bistro. It was delicious! Neither of us had been there before, and they were actually trying out a new dinner menu for the first time that night. It was more pricey than what we usually like to spend, but we ate on the lighter side so it wasn't too bad. The restaurant is all self sustainable, natural and local foods which is pretty awesome. Everything tasted really fresh, like it came straight from the source.

Trent got a burger with a side of asparagus, and one of their many beers. I got a strawberry almond salad with a honey dressing that tasted amazing. To drink I had a strawberry mint julep, again super fresh and yummy. We ate on the patio which was nice! I'd love to go there again sometime.

Another new place we checked out was Schweibert Park in Rock Island. It's a fairly new park but it's been there for quite a few years now, and we hadn't gone there before. It was really nice! They have a nice stage for concerts, so it would be cool to see an outdoor concert there by the river. And this was the view:

Nothing like the sun setting over the Mississippi! You can see that there was a Bandits game going on across the river in Davenport, too. So far this summer we haven't made it to any River Bandits games yet, although I really want to go to one this year and ride the new ferris wheel for the first time!

We have, however, gone back to the drive-in in Galva for another double feature. I love this place. It's a great way to spend a summer evening relaxing outside and watching a couple of movies.

This time we saw Godzilla and Transcendence. They were both pretty good, although not being as much of an action fan as Trent is, I kind of enjoyed Transcendence a little better! I just wish it hadn't been so late so I could actually stay awake through the whole thing! :)


I really wish we had more time to do fun things like this and go out a little more this year. But this weekend has been more of a lazy weekend for me, since Trent's working most of it. (I've been home watching all of the Step Up movies. Haha)

Trent has been working on his bedroom shelves a little more, trying to get them finished. Still not there yet, but I'm hoping to have an update on his shelves for you soon!

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